I don't remember exactly what Jinny said.

How did she get into that class?


Who's your favorite British author?

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It was his job to gather eggs.

Having finished lunch, we went skating.

Do you have a valid passport?

Actors and sports stars often parlay their celebrity into endorsement deals.

He stole a very valuable diamond ring.

You don't want to do that, do you?

Hey, is that a demonic duck of some sort?

The conductor of this orchestra is a fine musician.

I thought Sanford would be the crazy.

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This song makes me homesick.


He's overreacting.

Let me talk to you for a minute.

I'm used to having my own way.

Isn't Vern supposed to be here by now?

I want you to straighten up the environment a little more.

What time do we leave tomorrow?

It is certain that the price of gold will go up.


He was experienced in business.

Hiroyuki is a very generous person.

This town still retains something of the old days.

Give it a try, my friends! You can do it!

There are some things you can't learn from books.

I wish I was by your side right now.

I was very careful, but I caught a cold.

The cockerel's splendid red cockscomb is thought to play a part in determining gender and breed.

The mountains will labor, and a ridiculous mouse will be born.


He didn't speak to me for several days.

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This country suffers from brain drain.

Why do you want to join the navy?

That was all Toerless knew about Piercarlo.

I'll look after her.

Carter looks shocked.

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Leif is completing your order.

He stayed there all the time.

Tell me the more exact time.

Hawai, y'know, has a lot of houses with fireplaces doesn't it? The mornings and evenings over there get cold as well so people who feel the cold light fires.

Elliot ditched Lonhyn in the park.

I said I'd talk to Kirsten about it.

It's hard to believe you.


Herve doesn't watch TV except on Saturdays.

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Lyndon is very happy to see Elvis.

Nothing has been overlooked.

The composer is wrestling with the new music.

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Did you know Deb was living by himself?

It's a risk we must take.

You're not the only one who can't attend today's meeting.


Morgan gave Francisco an icy stare.

I fell into the spikes.

I will come back to Canada tomorrow.

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I may have to come home late, in which case I'll telephone you.

You could ask him.

I know Lynnette wouldn't leave me stranded.

The police caught the suicide bomber before he could detonate his bomb.

Whatever you think will happen, the outcome is likely to be a surprise.

Masanao explained the rules in detail.

He has not come yet. He may have missed the train.

He worked hard none the worse for the accident.

How do you know this machine is really safe to use?

Children are easily influenced by advertising.

Wow, this is different.

The climate of England is not so mild as that of Japan, but in summer it is much cooler.

My house is situated in a convenient place - near the train station.

We were in the living room when we heard the gunshot.

My children don't speak French yet.

They hate Raj.

He disposes of them instantly.


I think it's time we gave Dimetry a raise.

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Because your business can play to my strengths.

Lee repainted his mailbox because it was looking shabby.

I can't wake Pontus up no matter how hard I try.

Are you going to tell me what's wrong?

Maybe they'll recognize me.

Spock is telling the truth, I'm fairly certain.

Give my best regards to your family.


Tatoeba: Where nothing ruins a passionate night of sentence-making like a poorly placed comma or, even worse, a careless typo.

I honestly didn't know what to expect.

Lars doesn't have a landline.

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Who is younger, he or I?

Handle it with great care.

I found my first gray hair this morning.


Rees wondered if he'd ever see Eddie again.


He is a man who is fond of ceremony.


Every day he says something different.


Miss Thomas teaches us history.

In fact, this does not seem to be true at all, except in a very trivial sense.

Somehow I can't picture Cathy living in Boston.


I'm going on vacation next week.

Do you know his status in the company?

I wonder whose idea this was.

Have you had problems with anyone lately?

Laurie and Panos are playing beach volleyball.


Age discrimination is illegal and retirement is mandatory in only a few occupations.

Don't make me say the same thing over and over again!

These new curtains don't go well with the rugs.

I'm glad that I didn't eat the food that made you sick.

Darin slammed the door.

Micheal reached for his knife.

Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to penetrate the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and travel to the outer regions of the solar system.

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Excuse me for one second.


I can't lend you this book.

She caught a cold last night.

Jisheng's car's playing up at the moment.


That's not scary.

We sat at the back of the hall.

I have to get in touch with Olaf.


This time we have proof.

We sell metal, paper, and wooden plates.

The teenagers left.

Thanks to your help, I was able to finish early.

Let's congratulate Malaclypse.

I've got someplace I need to be.

I saw five men.

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A report came in that Apollo 11 succeeded in landing on the moon.

Clarence said that he didn't want to eat anything.

It is up to you to apply for the job.

You've been playing.

It's about time we get started.

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I think someone, and I know very well who, came in my bedroom.

Do you want to talk about what happened?

I drank an herbal infusion.


Kazuhiro put on his helmet and got on his bike.


He took to fishing after retirement.

The truly remarkable feature of sound production by birds is that the two sides of the syrinx can act independently.

We plan to stay in Paris for two weeks.


It is the in thing to do.

What is he doing at the moment?

Bob's father teaches at a girls' school.

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There is no cure for schizophrenia.

He paid the army wages.

The police were inquiring into the suspect's past.

He will have written a letter.

The inscription carved into the rock is from the sixth century B.C.

Juliet went over to the telephone.

I think Leo is timid.

Does Olivier want to watch the movie with us?

If I had worked hard in my youth, I would be successful now.

Never have I seen such a big whale.

We should never give up.


Jochen wants to go to graduate school.


May happiness knock early at your door, April.


If nothing saves us from death, may love at least save us from life.

Everything looked OK.

I can't help doing that.

To some degree, we carry the ancient oceans in our blood.

All those flowers look alike.

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That's it for now.

I understand it a little, but I can't speak it.

Rhonda boarded the bus.

We don't know yet if he really broke his leg. They'll do an X-ray of it.

Why did they attack you?

Do you mind if I watch TV for a while?

People blamed General Grant.

After a long argument, I finally persuaded her to go camping.

She taught me most of the things I know.


You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.


Stop always putting yourself last.

Works are but means to make life meaningful, not the meaning of life itself.

I wish we could get out of here.